Steel Challenge 03-21-2021

posted Mar 21, 2021, 3:03 PM by Jeff Bertrand
Here is the write up for the Steel Challenge match held 3/20/2021

We had a great Steel Challenge Match Saturday March 20th. We started at 10am and we were finished around 2:30pm.  Weather was cool to start with and ended up being sunny and warm.  We had 25 entries with 2 Junior Shooters and 3 Ladies shooting with us.  Our First Place overall was a Lady Shooter, Randall Miller she travels in from North Carolina to shoot with us. Results can be found on Practiscore by clicking on results.

Our next Steel Challenge match will be April 17th and you can register for it on Practiscore. If you have any questions about the Steel Challenge Match please feel free to contact me.
Judy Gallion