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7 July 2018

posted Jul 7, 2018, 2:57 PM by Alan Strawn   [ updated Jul 7, 2018, 2:58 PM ]
       Great turnout today with great weather to boot!  Temps held in the upper 70s at the latest point of the event today.  We had seven shooters who shot "clean" on plates, almost unheard of until lately.  There were 17 shooters firing 20 guns but we were done by 3:00.

         7-7-18             Practical         Barricade       Mover             Plates             Total


1.  Kevin Angstadt     480-46x          480-48x          478-30x          480-48x          1918-172x

2.  Greg Davis           478-25x          480-38x          471-31x          480-48x          1909-142x

3.  Harry Russell       480-34x          470-37x          478-32x          480-48x          1908-151x

4.  Jon Stoehr           476-36x          480-47x          469-27x          480-48x          1905-158x

5.  Terry Sarver         448-14x          480-40x          468-17x          480-48x          1876-119x

6.  Chris Kennedy     480-31x          476-35x          418-26x          480-48x          1854-140x

7.  Zach Teich           453-23x          471-33x          440-19x          480-48x          1844-123x

8.  John Casey         428-15x          452-18x          447-12x          450-45x          1777-90x


Metallic Sight

1.  Al Fleshman        438-23x          427-15x          433-16x          450-45x          1748-99x

2.  Trapper Ellison     441-?x            417-16x          438-?x            350-35x          1646-51x?

3.  John Casey         437-12x          406-9x            443-13x          320-32x          1606-66x

4.  James Brogan     408-11x          372-5x            415-12x          390-39x          1595-67x

5.  Steve Kalinski     367-11x          398-4x            381-9x            260-26x          1406-50x



1.  James Irving        418-11x          429-12x          444-12x          450-45x          1741-80x

2.  Trapper Ellison    422-17x          440-22x          456-18x          340-34x          1658-91x

3.  James Brogan     442-6x            338-5x            396-5x            280-28x          1456-44x


Open Rimfire

1.  Ben Boyette       465-28x          480-40x          476-27x          420-42x          1841-137x

2.  Kevin Hopkins    441-21x          480-40x          470-24x          450-45x          1841-130x

3.  John Hammock   469-36x          409-22x          456-15x          470-47x          1804-120x

4.  Jon Heusinger    412-18x          292-15x          384-16x          460-46x          1548-95x