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March 7, 2015

posted Mar 7, 2015, 3:33 PM by Alan Strawn   [ updated Mar 8, 2015, 9:36 PM ]
Great turnout today for the first shoot of the season!  No rimfire shooters for a change, but we did have 3 new shooters to the sport.  Thank you Philippe, Collin and Robbie for coming out today, and we look forward to seeing you again.  NRA Classification cards will be in the mail soon for you three.

For most it was the first time to pull a trigger since the Fall of '14, so some were a bit off their games today.  That will improve over the Spring warm-up to Bianchi, I'm sure.

Thanks to all who shot with us today and we'll see you next time.

Name 3-7-15          Practical     Barricade    Mover     Plates         Total


  1. Kevin Angstadt 480-44x   478-41x   476-30x   480-48x    1914-163x
  2. Steve Huff         480-41x  476-36x   478-31x   480-48x     1914-156x

  3. Andy Krantz    478-43x   467-24x   476-23x   480-48x      1901-138x

  4. Terry Sarver     476-27x   452-19x   466-23x   420-42x     1814-111x


  1. Russell Miller   429-12x   454-16x   452-18x   440-44x     1775-90x

  2. Kevin Hopkins 443-15x   388-15x   411-13x   400-40x     1642-83x

  3. James Brogan   335-4x    376-9x     372-5x    320-32x      1403-50x

  4. Collin Trepanitis 240-5x   318-1x     271-4x   110-11x          939-21x


  1. Kevin Hopkins 456-20x   421-13x  443-20x  450-45x       1770-98x

  2. Russell Miller   453-24x   425-15x   443-15x  420-42x      1741-96x

  3. Robbie Watson 437-9x    393-15x   407-8x    370-37x      1643-69x

  4. James Brogan   376-12x  401-10x   397-6x    370-37x      1514-62x

  5. Philippe Lacoude 329-2x 329-6x    382-9x    330-33x       1370-50x