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August 2, 2014

posted Aug 2, 2014, 2:17 PM by Alan Strawn   [ updated Aug 2, 2014, 6:25 PM ]
   Thanks to those who shot with us today.  We had a couple of new shooters, so Welcome!  Again, some forgot (or chose not) to turn in score cards, but with threatening weather in the forecast, it was a great turnout.  Hope to see you all in September for the Regional & State matches on the 20th & 21st.

Name 8-2-14 Practical Barricade Mover Plates Total


  1. Steve Huff 478-41x 480-47x 478-33x 480-48x 1916-169x

  2. Kevin Angstadt 478-44x 480-47x 476-36x 480-48x 1914-175x

  3. Travis Hayton 480-40x 480-45x 474-35x 480-48x 1914-168x

  4. Terry Sarver 449-22x  480-40x  468-26x  450-45x  1847-133x


  1. Russell Miller 427-16x 450-18x 452-15x 470-47x 1799-96x

  2. Kevin Hopkins 424-16x 447-22x 433-6x 460-46x 1764-90x

  3. Dan Basham 387-12x 389-10x 393-10x 370-37x 1539-69x

  4. James Brogan 359-6x 394-10x 390-14x 340-34x 1483-64x

  5. Walt Romaniw 349-7x 294-3x 381-9x 380-38x 1404-57x

  6. Tom Johansen No score 452-19x 428-8x 440-44x 1320-71x

  7. Jon Heusinger 392-11x 278-6x 300-11x 310-31x 1280-59x


  1. Kevin Hopkins 454-13x 440-15x 431-21x 450-45x 1775-94x

  2. Russell Miller 444-19x 402-12x 407-9x 440-44x 1693-84x

  3. Tom Johansen 418-11x 408-9x 457-26x 390-39x 1673-85x

  4. James Brogan 389-11x 386-11x 365-10x 240-24x 1380-56x

  5. Sophia Kapranos 279-5x 200-3x 291-2x 210-21x 980-31x

  6. Dick Thomas 233-2x 198-2x 323-5x 160-16x 914-25x

Metallic Rimfire:

1. Steve Kalinski 422-14x 442-17x 434-19x 440-44x 1738-94x

2. David van Wyhe 385-13x 407-12x 436-15x 300-30x 1528-70x

Production Rimfire:

1. Kevin Hopkins 460-15x 468-22x 467-17x 440-44x 1835-98x

2. James Brogan 386-9x 434-15x 402-18x 280-28x 1502-70x