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April 5, 2014

posted Apr 5, 2014, 5:51 PM by Alan Strawn   [ updated Apr 6, 2014, 8:52 AM ]
Here are the preliminary scores as I have them.  If you see errors, let me know!  Great turnout today!  We had a few 1st-timers, so WELCOME to you!  I also have the impression that there was at least one "Sandbagger" on premises today.  Just my opinion, so maybe not fact.

Thanks to all who shot with us today, and I hope you'll return in the future to play our game again.  As usual, we'll do it all over again in May on the 3rd, so come on out and shoot with us.

Name 4-5-14              Practical     Barricade     Mover      Plates         Total


  1. Steve Huff         478-34x     480-42x       478-34x    480-48x      1916-158x

  2. James Avenell   480-36x     480-46x       474-20x    480-48x      1914-150x

  3. Kevin Angstadt  480-38x     470-47x       480-33x    480-48x      1910-166x

  4. Terry Sarver       468-28x     480-31x      472-24x     480-48x      1900-131x

  5. Ben Boyette      474-33x     470-45x      474-26x     480-48x      1898-152x

  6. Greg Davis        474-25x     478-37x      476-29x     470-47x      1898-138x

  7. Mark Spangler   464-25x    480-36x       474-28x     480-48x      1898-137x

  8. Brian Carlson    467-30x    480-43x       470-20x     480-48x       1897-141x

  9. Andy Krantz      471-33x   480-44x       470-26x     470-47x       1891-150x

  10. Wes Fleming    419-25x    458-26x      478-23x      430-43x       1785-117x


  1. Mark Spangler  459-18x   467-25x      470-25x       470-47x       1866-115x

  2. Dan Basham    418-15x   386-7x        404-8x         410-41x       1618-71x

  3. Tom Johansen  385-9x     409-12x      398-9x         390-39x       1582-69x

  4. Jon Heusinger  410-14x    347-9x       408-13x       360-36x        1525-72x

  5. Kimberly Hobart 342-7x    228-1x       214-1x         330-33x         1114-42x

  6. Ken Crews      183-3x      144-0x       171-1x           30-3x            528-7x

  7. Bobby Strong No Score Cards Turned In


  1. Wes Fleming      414-12x    370-5x       207-3x        390-39x       1381-59x

  2. Tom Johansen   277-17x     282-10x     293-13x       420-42x       1269-82x

  3. Kimberly Hobart 342-7x      258-0x       346-5x        160-16x        1106-28x

  4. Ben McClanahan 175-5x     143-1x        78-0x          20-2x            416-8x

Rimfire Open:

  1. Wes Fleming       430-31x   260-19x      359-2x        430-43x         1479-95x

  2. Richard Drechsel 292-2x     302-8x        323-3x        190-19x         1107-32x

Rimfire Metallic:

  1. Kimberly Hobart   417-16x  344-3x        407-13x       480-48x         1648-80x

  2. Jon Heusinger     396-7x    316-10x       432-15x       410-41x         1554-73x

  3. Steve Kalinski     320-8x    376-7x         403-9x        450-45x          1549-69x