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August 4, 2012 Action Pistol

posted Aug 4, 2012, 2:30 PM by Alan Strawn
Got some really good scores today in the heat!  Thanks to all who came out.  Our next match will be the Region II Championship, AKA The Overlord Cup on September 22, 2012.  Sign-up forms are under "Action Pistol Championships" on this site.  Hope to see you there!!

Some shot the Speedload Challenge in lieu of the Practical today, indicated by an "S" before the score and some shot the Texas Mover instead of the Mover ( Modified) that we normally shoot indicated by a "T" before the score, to get in some practice for the Cardinal Cup (State Championship) that's scheduled for September 23, 2012.

Name    8-04-12    Prac/SLC    Barricade    Mover/TM    Plates        Total

Open Rimfire   

1.  Andy Krantz     476-26X    480-31X    469-30X    460-46X    1885-133X
2.  Terry Sarver      465-18X    452-29X    461-17X    450-45X    1828-109X
3.  Jonathan Hale   416-14X    366-12X    417-17X    460-46X    1659-89X   

Metallic Rimfire

1.  Steve Kalinski    448-23X    427-19X    437-17X    460-46X    1772-105X
2.  Jon Heusinger    356-9X     425-13X     427-11X    420-42X    1628-75X

Production Rimfire

1.  Al Fleshman    S440-13X    453-20X    T432-15X    480-48X    1805-96X
2.  Dan Basham    S311-5X     399-8X        420-12X    370-37X    1500-62X


1.  Paul Deel         446-21X    441-16X    448-21X    440-44X    1775-102X
2.  Russell Miller   383-6X     366-7X      426-11X    340-34X    1515-58X
3.  Chris Simpkins 398-7X    346-11X    350-6X      360-36X    1454-60X
4.  Chris Giles        0-0        335-6X      388-16X    260-26X    983-48X

Metallic Sight

1.  Steve Huff         461-13X    449-17X    465-16X    430-43X    1805-89X
2.  Tim Helms        360-6X    399-12X    418-7X    370-37X    1547-62X
3.  Russell Miller    390-1X    342-9X    357-11X    340-34X    1429-55X

1.  Kevin Angstadt   480-40X    480-45X    476-38X    480-48X    1916-171X
2.  Travis Hayton     480-35X    480-43X    476-31X    480-48X    1916-157X
3.  Andy Krantz      476-37X    480-36X    478-30X    480-48X    1914-151X
4.  Brian Carlson    S459-28X    480-41X    464-17X    480-48X    1883-131X
5.  Mike Sink         430-9X     367-10X    429-15X    450-45X    1676-79X