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April 2, 2011 NRA Action Pistol Results

posted Apr 2, 2011, 4:46 PM by Brian Carlson   [ updated Apr 4, 2011, 7:29 PM by Unknown user ]
Thanks to all who shot with us in the wind today!  As usual, some had a good day, others................not so much!     A couple shooters are bumping High Master pretty solidly and may have to live with the scores they're putting up now!  Congrats to those who did so well, and we'll look for all of you again next month.

Name    4-02-11    Practical  Barricade  Mover      Plates     Total

Open Rimfire

1.  Terry Sarver   408-18X    441-18X    412-10X    440-44X    1701-90X
2.  Keith Akers    411-14X    357-24X    422-11X    370-37X    1560-86X

Metallic Rimfire

1.  Hunter Young   451-19X    416-11X    458-11X    410-41X    1735-82X
2.  Steve Kalinski 421-12X    420-15X    434-15X    400-40X    1675-82X


1.  Andy Rayland   432-12X    439-16X    458-19X    450-45X    1779-92X
2.  Tom Johansen   272-15X    344-13X    294-15X    400-40X    1310-93X
3.  Steve Huff     no score   381-16X    438-10X    460-46X    1279-72X
  Daniel Sandifer no score cards

Metallic Sight

1.  Greg Davis     448-20X    460-23X    467-20X    480-48X    1855-111X
2.  Kevin Angstadt 445-16X    447-21X    467-23X    470-47X    1829-107X
3.  Mark Spangler  459-18X    437-18X    454-16X    440-44X    1790-96X
4.  Brian Carlson  440-20X    432-20X    455-24X    420-42X    1747-106X
5.  Jon Stoehr     432-16X    434-13X    428-15X    400-40X    1694-84X
6.  Tom Johansen   no score cards


1.  Travis Hayton  480-33X    480-42X    475-33X    480-48X    1915-156X
2.  Kevin Angstadt 473-34X    480-40X    476-35X    480-48X    1909-157X
3.  Andy Krantz    472-28X    478-41X    474-26X    480-48X    1904-143X
4.  Martin Johnson 478-31X    480-43X    472-25X    470-47X    1900-146X
5.  Bob Reinhardt  467-27X    480-40X    467-23X    480-48X    1894-138X
6.  Steve Huff     469-28X    478-39X    466-20X    480-48X    1893-135X
7.  John Sanders   478-33X    480-39X    463-36X    470-47X    1891-155X
Mark Spangler  470-21X    470-44X    454-23X    480-48X    1874-136X
9.  Andy Rayland   453-19X    476-33X    462-22X    480-48X    1873-122X
10. Brian Carlson  443-17X    476-32X    468-24X    470-47X    1857-120X 
11. Chris Giles    453-22X    450-20X    457-19X    390-39X    1750-100X