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4 May 2019

posted May 4, 2019, 1:39 PM by Alan Strawn
   There were several new shooters today, some of whom are prospective new club members so WELCOME to the addiction! The day turned out to be beautiful, so the weather service blew another one!  Good luck to those Bianchi Cup bound shooters who shot with us today and we'll look for you all next month on the 1st.

   "Shoot 'em in the middle!"

            5-4-19             Practical         Barricade       Mover             Plates             Total


1.  Kevin Angstadt     480-34x          480-48x          478-36x          480-48x          1918-166x

2.  Greg Davis           476-36x         480-48x          478-28x          470-47x          1904-159x

3.  Jon Stoehr           458-32x         480-48x          478-24x          480-48x          1896-152x

4.  Scott Stump         428-16x        441-27x          467-28x          470-47x          1806-118x

5.  Kevin Hopkins     453-16x          442-18x          437-17x          420-42x          1752-93x

6.  Justin Stump       315-4x           344-4x            373-13x          190-19x          1222-40x


Metallic Sight

1.  Paul Deel             413-14x          437-19x          404--9x           420-42x          1674-84x

2.  Steve Kalinski      317-8x            327-6x            308-1x            260-26x          1212-41x

3.  Brian Firtion         171-0x            151-2x            134-0x            140-14x            596-16x

4.  Randy Vines       172-1x            149-1x            180-1x                60-6x            561-9x



1.  James Irving         441-9x            431-14x          470-22x          440-44x          1782-89x

2.  Steve Price          338-5x            316-4x            347-4x            290-29x          1291-42x

3.  Judy Gallion        322-1x            305-2x            254-1x            320-32x          1201-36x

4.  Tim Kennedy       217-1x            143-1x            217-0x            100-10x            677-12x       


Open Rimfire

1.  Chuck Umberger  461-14x          425-26x          337-14x          480-48x          1703-102x

2.  James Brogan     430-14x          324-14x          443-9x            460-46x          1657-83x

3.  John Hammock   no score         476-30x          449-16x          470-47x          1395-93x

4.  Jon Heusinger    no score          412-19x          469-23x          440-44x          1321-86x