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4 August 2018

posted Aug 4, 2018, 1:25 PM by Alan Strawn
   The rain moved out on Friday night turning Saturday into muggy day with plenty of sunshine.  The range equipment ran as it should with the exception of the target turners on Barricade which are undergoing a replacement controller at this time.  Will be up & running by the September practice sessions and matches.

   We had 2 new-to-the-game shooters today who were safe and had a good time, promising to return.  Thank you for shooting our matches!   Our next monthly AP shoot will be 6 October the weekend after the September shoots.

        8-4-18             Practical         Barricade       Mover             Plates             Total


1.  Kevin Angstadt     480-46x          480-48x          478-30x          480-48x          1918-176x

2.  Greg Davis           478-27x          478-40x          471-27x          480-48x          1907-142x

3.  Ben Boyette         478-30x          480-45x          474-23x          470-47x          1902-145x

4.  Jon Stoehr           474-27x          478-43x          460-25x          460-46x          1872-141x

5.  Kevin Hopkins      470-28x          478-40x          459-18x          460-46x          1867-132x


Metallic Sight

1.  Trapper Ellison    453-16x          434-14x          444-15x          370-37x          1701-82x

2.  John Johnson     306-6x            131-1x            93-0x              120-12x            650-19x



1.  Trapper Ellison    432-12x          422-13x          440-12x          390-39x          1684-76x

2.  James Irving        426-12x          424-11x          443-17x          370-37x          1663-77x

3.  Steve Kalinski     353-9x            295-5x            277-3x            280-28x          1205-45x


Open Rimfire

1.   Jon Stoehr          478-28x          480-45x          468-24x          480-48x          1906-145x

2.  John Hammock   476-30x          453-30x          438-17x          480-48x          1847-125x

3.  Jon Heusinger    430-18x          434-17x          463-19x          400-40x          1727-94x

4.  James Brogan     415-15x          450-18x          363-12x          480-48x          1708-93x


Metallic Rimfire

1.  Craig Bailey         389-3x            369-12x          327-3x            240-24x          1325-42x