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3 November 2018

posted Nov 3, 2018, 12:03 PM by Alan Strawn
         Weather was cool & breezy but all in all a good day for shooting.  Opening day of muzzleloader season probably affected the turnout as we only had 7 shooters who made it through most of the courses.  Another had a broken gun after a couple of events and didn't turn in cards....8 total doubling last November's numbers!

   Thanks to those who shot with us today and we'll do it again on 2 March 2019, weather permitting.

           11-3-18          Practical         Barricade       Mover             Plates             Total


1.  Kevin Angstadt     478-56x          480-34x          478-38x          480-48x          1916-160x

2.  Scott Stump         440-11x          457-28            445-20x          400-40x          1742-99x


Metallic Sight

1.  Paul Deel             446-17x          442-14x          419-13x          410-41x          1717-85x      


Open Rimfire

1.   Jon Heusinger   DNF                DNF                458-16x          410-41x          868-57x


Metallic Rimfire

1.  Steve Kalinski     353-8x            424-26x          435-21x          400-40x          1612-95x

2.  Craig Bailey         397-11x          359-11x          216-3x            320-32x          1292-57x

3.  Samuel Deel       286-2x            242-4x            219-2x            290-29x          1037-37x