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1 June 2019

posted Jun 1, 2019, 1:09 PM by Alan Strawn   [ updated Jun 2, 2019, 5:08 AM ]

   We had some more new shooters today and WELCOME!  Great weather again, so we lucked out.  Hope everyone had a good time, even if some weren't exactly "on their game" today.  We'll do it again on 6 July so come shoot with us.

        6-1-19             Practical         Barricade       Mover             Plates             Total


1.  Greg Davis           478-30x          480-43x          474-30x          470-47x          1902-150x

2.  Travis Hayton       472-34x          480-40x          478-34x          470-47x          1900-158x

3.  Kevin Angstadt     472-37x          480-40x          476-36x          470-47x          1898-160x

4.  John Casey          460-26x          454-27x          470-25x          460-46x          1844-124x

5.  Terry Sarver          447-24x          459-21x          460-21x          440-44x          1806-110x


Metallic Sight

1.  Shawn Becker      456-23x          452-22x          439-15x          430-43x          1777-103x

2.  Brian Firtion          188-1x            153-1x            154-3x            170-17x             665-22x



1.  Shawn Becker      452-12x          439-18x          458-13x          430-43x          1779-86x 

2. James Irving          419-16x          430-15x          461-22x          400-40x          1710-93x

3.  Kirk Huggins         284-2x            375-7x            291-2x            280-28x          1230-39x

4.  Larry Johnston      243-2x            226-5x            256-1x            100-10x            825-18x 

5.  Tim Kennedy        DNF                DNF                DNF    DNF no scores reported     


Open Rimfire

1.  John Hammock    418-24x          480-37x         446-15x          480-48x          1824-124x

2.  John Casey          420-16x          461-18x         449-14x          480-48x          1810-96x

3.  Chuck Umberger 389-13x          478-35x          454-15x          450-45x          1771-108x

4.  James Brogan-2  391-18x          415-18x          458-18x          440-44x          1704-98x

5.  James Brogan-1  412-20x          316-12X          444-14x          470-47x          1642-93x

6.  Craig Bailey        357-12x          373-18x          430-21x          420-42x          1580-93x

7.  Susan Irving        333-5x            356-10x          331-8x            280-28x          1300-51x


Metallic Rimfire

1.  Steve Kalinski      408-12x          439-14x          435-13x          460-46x          1742-85x