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September 2014 3gun Scores

posted Sep 27, 2014, 7:04 PM by Jeremy Minor
Attached are the scores and times for the September 3gun match.

Points today

Tactical Optics
Jeremy Minor- 5pts
Greg King- 4pts
Kyle Desmarais- 3pts
John Gaylor- 2pts
Larry Harris- 1pts

Tactical Limited
JR Burnette- 1pts

Mike Sink- 1pt

Season Points

Tactical Optics
Jeremy Minor- 53 pts
Jon Irvan- 38 pts
Robbie Watson- 33 pts
Steve Williams- 31 pts
Shawn Adams- 25 pts 
William Johnston- 20 pts
David Van Wyhe- 20 pts
Brian Carlson- 17 pts
Mike Parsons- 13 pts
Dylan Welsh- 11 pts
Steve Kiefer- 11 pts
Roy Frame- 9 pts
Matt Stafford- 8 pts
Joe Easter- 7 pts
Justin Spicer- 7 pts
Kyle Desmarais- 6 pts
Jon Rodgers- 6 pts
Shawn Burkholder- 5 pts
Ed Haynes- 5 pts
Kiki Amparan- 5 pts
Greg King- 4 pts
Brendan Skaggs- 4 Pts
Christian Kiefer- 4 pts 
Justin Smith- 3 pts
Mike Kunkle- 3 pts
John Gaylor- 2pts
Colin Trepanitis- 2 pts
Terry Parsons- 1 pt 
Daniel Van Wyhe- 1 pt
Larry Harris- 1pt

Tactical Limited
Kyle Desmarais- 4 pts
Blake Harcup- 3 pts 
Joel Bassett- 2pts
Jon Heusinger- 1 pt
Jesse Burnette- 2 pt
Daniel Burnette- 1 pt

Brian Vossen- 1 pt
Mike Sink- 1pt

Heavy Metal
Daniel Burnette- 1pt

Jeremy Minor,
Sep 27, 2014, 7:04 PM