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Rimfire Benchrest September 13, 2020

posted Sep 13, 2020, 5:43 PM by Jeff Bertrand
  It was a nice day to shoot although there were some sudden wind gusts that pushed a few sideways unexpectedly.  Part of the game.  We shot a different format this week.  Each shooter had two ABRA targets to shoot at.  20 targets on each card, 10 point max on each individual target.  Perfect score would be 200 per target.  Different than what we have been shooting.  All shooters enjoyed the change in routine.

Results are posted in order of signup, not how they finished:

                           Target 1    Target 2

Craig Bailey            186         184
Michael Rorer          158         149
Robert Smith          171         183
Bruce Cameron       184         188
Janet  Epper           136         131
Bruce Epper            181         185
Gary Gallion            180         188