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Rimfire Benchrest October 11, 2020

posted Oct 12, 2020, 6:54 AM by Jeff Bertrand
   Well one dedicated shooter showed up to compete.  The weekend as we all know was pretty much constant rain, some heavy, mostly light drizzle.  Bruce Cameron shot the new ABRA target, two 20 shot targets with scores of 190 and 191 (outlaw heavy class).  Very good shooting.  This target is shot with 4 category breakdowns so it is not an equipment race if you do not want it to be.  Factory class autoloading (think 10-22 or similar), Unlimited class autoloading (heavy customized 10-22), Outlaw light barrel bolt, and last class, outlaw heavy barrel bolt.  Scopes, front and rear rests are pretty much shooters option.  Most factory bolt actions will be "outlaw light barrel", barrel must measure under .850.  Rem 40x and Win 52 and other custom 22lr with barrels over .850 will be "outlaw heavy barrel bolt".

    Anyway another match for the records.  Grab your 22lr and come out to have fun.  Match requires 40 shots so a box of 50 will get you through,  sighters are allowed and unlimited number can be shot.