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Rimfire Benchrest November 27, 2011

posted Nov 28, 2011, 6:34 AM by Brian Carlson

It was a good day to be at the range as you can see by the number of competitors. 

We’re still trying to figure out if Jeff placed first or last.  The RO was a little confused.

New to the Rimfire Benchrest Matches was Brian Hutchinson.  The RO, Mark Moon, needed a strong magnifying glass to separate the 10s from the Xs on Brian’s target. 

Scoped Rifles


1. Steve Kalinski    200-13X

2. Brian Hutchinson  200-12X

3. Mark Moon         199-10X

4. Jon Heusinger     195-7X

5. Dan Lineburger    190-4X

6. Joe LaMagna       188-1X

7. Andy Krantz       187-4X

8. Joe Linberger     178-1X

9. Jay LaMagna       175-1X

10. Jon Trvan        158-3X

11. Bobby Roberts    105-0X


Iron Sights

  Jeff Hair          102-0X