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Rimfire Benchrest 7/10/11

posted Jul 10, 2011, 1:08 PM by Brian Carlson
ark Moon's 200-13x record was shattered today by a much better looking shooter.   

The side match this time was a 1/4" yellow dot on the beige target.  It turned out to be as much a test of the resolution of the shooters' optics as of their accuracy.  New competitor James Northern turned in a good X-count and was one of only 2 shooters to hit the nearly invisible side match target.

Brian Carlson    200-15x Club Record,  Side match winner.
Mark Moon        199-13x
Steve Kalinski   198-11x
Bill Hylton      192-5x
James S Northern 188-8x
Clark Spencer    187-4x
Joe Lineberger   181-4x
Dan Lineberger   180