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Rimfire Benchrest 6/12/11

posted Jun 12, 2011, 2:07 PM by Brian Carlson   [ updated Jun 17, 2011, 3:50 PM by Brian Carlson ]
The benchrest shooters are getting dialed in.  Three shooters shot a 200 out of 200 today turning the match into an X-Count race.   Congrats to Mark Moon for posting the highest score yet.   We also shot a side match that consisted of 1 shot each at two quarter-inch dots.  Steve Kalinski won the side match with nearly centered shots on both targets.

Iron Sights
Tony Simmons     158-1x

Scoped Rifles
Mark Moon        200-13x Club record
Brian Carlson    200-8x
Steve Kalinski   200-6x  Side match winner
John Hoffmeister 198-10x
Kiki Amparan     196-7x
Joe Lineberger   191-4x
Jon Heusinger    188-4x
Clark Spencer    185-2x
Tony Simmons     182-4x
Bill Hylton      181-1x
Joe LaMagna      170-4x

Scoped Rifle 2nd run
John Hoffmiester 198-9x
Steve Kalinski   197-5x