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NRA Modified Mover & Practical Matches, Sept. 11, 2011

posted Sep 11, 2011, 3:57 PM by Alan Strawn
We had 10 shooters today, firing 13 guns overall.  Our newest member Joe Lineberger brought his son Daniel to shoot with us and by all indications had a good time.  It ended up being a productive final practice day under match conditions for some who will be shooting next weekend at the Regional & State Championships.  Looks to be some seriously friendly competition among our members for those matches.  Thanks to all who came out today!

Open:                Practical    Mover        Total
1.  Kevin Angstadt       480-38X    478-38X    958-76X
2.  Andy Krantz           467-31X    473-23X    940-54X
3.  Ben Boyette           449-26X    461-20X    910-46X
4.  Brian Carlson          416-22X    459-25X    875-47X

1.  James Northern      159-1X    256-2X    415-3X
2.  Daniel Lineberger    200-5X    210-2X    410-7X
3.  Joe Lineberger        137-1X    215-2X    352-3X

1.  Mark Spangler        442-7X    418-11X    860-18X
2.  Dick Thomas          281-8X    250-1X    530-9X

Rimfire Open:
1.  Andy Krantz          478-34X    478-33X    956-67X
2.  Brian Carlson         478-37X    474-29X    952-66X

Rimfire Metallic:
1.  Mark Spangler         472-22X    463-20X    935-42X
2.  Tony Simmons        324-5X    383-9X    707-14X