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Barricades & Plates January 15, 2012

posted Jan 15, 2012, 2:55 PM by Alan Strawn   [ updated Jan 21, 2012, 6:16 AM ]
Thanks to all who came out to shoot in the cold!  Andy would have won the thing if not for the "Leroy Plate"!!  Been away from the gun too long I guess, so that first shot took him by surprise.  Another reason to NEVER start a match on Plates.

            January 15, 2012

                                Plates        Barricade    Total
1.  Steve Huff            480-48X    475-37X    955-85X
2.  Andy Krantz         470-47X    480-42X    950-89X
3.  Mark Spangler      440-44X    480-42X    920-86X

1.  Mark Spangler        470-47X    476-29X    946-76X
2.  Steve Kalinski        260-26X    307-4X      567-30X
3.  Dan Lineberger       230-23X    248-5X    478-28X
4.  Josh Cooper          170-17X    254-5X    424-22X

Steve Huff                450-45X    385-13X    835-58X

Open Rimfire:
Brian Carlson            440-44X    480-31X    920-75X

Metallic Rimfire:
1.  Tony Simmons          320-32X    371-12X    691-44X
2.  Dan Lineberger          260-26X    226-3X    486-29X
3.  Richard Drechsel        230-23X    204-3X    434-26X