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August 2014 3gun Match

posted Aug 17, 2014, 11:06 AM by Jeremy Minor
Attached are the scores from our August match. Fastest stage times are in bold. Thanks for a great match. Due to the regional and state championship action pistol match at the club on the third saturday of September we will shoot on the 4th Saturday in September. Hope to see you all then.

Match Points

Tactical Optics
Robbie Watson- 10pts
Jeremy Minor- 9pts
Shawn Adams- 8pts
Joe Easter- 7pts
Jon Irvan- 6pts
Ed Haynes- 5pts
Steve Williams- 4pts
David Van Wyhe- 3pts
Kiki Amparan- 2pts
Daniel Van Wyhe- 1pt

Tactical Limited
Joel Bassette- 2 pts
Kyle Desmarais- 1pt

Season Points

Tactical Optics
Jeremy Minor- 48 pts
Jon Irvan- 38 pts
Robbie Watson- 33 pts
Steve Williams- 31 pts
Shawn Adams- 25 pts 
William Johnston- 20 pts
David Van Wyhe- 20 pts
Brian Carlson- 17 pts
Mike Parsons- 13 pts
Dylan Welsh- 11 pts
Steve Kiefer- 11 pts
Roy Frame- 9 pts
Matt Stafford- 8 pts
Joe Easter- 7 pts
Justin Spicer- 7 pts
Jon Rodgers- 6 pts
Shawn Burkholder- 5 pts
Ed Haynes- 5 pts
Kiki Amparan- 5 pts
Brendan Skaggs- 4 Pts
Christian Kiefer- 4 pts 
Justin Smith- 3 pts
Mike Kunkle- 3 pts
Kyle Desmarais- 3 pt
Colin Trepanitis- 2 pts
Terry Parsons- 1 pt 
Daniel Van Wyhe- 1 pt

Tactical Limited
Kyle Desmarais- 4 pts
Blake Harcup- 3 pts 
Joel Bassett- 2pts
Jon Heusinger- 1 pt
Jesse Burnette- 1 pt
Daniel Burnette- 1 pt

Brian Vossen- 1 pt

Heavy Metal
Daniel Burnette- 1pt
Jeremy Minor,
Aug 17, 2014, 11:06 AM