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July 2019

posted Jul 18, 2019, 11:50 PM by Alan Strawn

   The Summer shooting season is in full swing so here's an update on club involvement:  Action Pistol and Cowboy Action shooting are in full attendance even in the heat.  Skeet matches are getting a good level of shooters as are the other events being held by our club. 

   Several new applicants are being processed while we are in the transition period between June and August when dues are payable, and several members have taken advantage of becoming Life Members upon reaching the age of 70 and clearing a slot for new paying members.

   Plans are progressing for our annual State and Regional NRA Action Pistol events in September.  Different courses of fire are being used this year which has brought in some new competitors from the past participation lists.  Our hopes are to raise the numbers since this year we go back to NRA sanctioning for those events again.

   Range maintenance and upgrades are taking place over the Summer to accommodate newer events as suggestions arise and to keep us as a first-class range for the events that we host each year. 

   Some events have gone by the wayside due to lack of interest/participation, but new ones are being added over time.  Check here on our web site calendar for more info on those situations. 

   As new blood enters our ranks, new interests appear along with new/different events that are added to the shooting schedule which is updated on the first of each month after the meeting on the first Monday. 

   Steel Challenge is one of the newer events that have been added to the schedule on the second Sunday of each month.  Handguns are welcome at this event as well as Pistol Caliber Carbines.