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Ammo and equipment requirements for October 13th 3gun Zombie match

posted Sep 16, 2013, 4:35 PM by Brian Carlson   [ updated Sep 18, 2013, 3:17 PM by Alan Strawn ]

From the Tactical Committee:

Shooters will need 4 rifle mags and enough pistol mags to accommodate about 40 rnds of pistol ammo. I will be bringing .45 ACP mags in case some one is short on mags for 1911’s. AR mags will be plentiful, so don’t worry. SLINGS ARE A MUST!!!

Ammo Requirements:

Pistol rounds:  About 50 per round (If you want to shoot more than once, pack accordingly)

Rifle rounds: About 60 per round (See above for shooting more than one round)

Arrive ready to shoot. There will be no “sight-in” period. All instruction will be given to the shooters in a group so please arrive on-time so that instructions can be given only once. Thanks and have FUN!!!!


   It’s been 3 years since the outbreak began. Major population centers have been all but destroyed. London, Moscow, New York, and Tokyo are now quarantined and surrounded by legions of what’s left of the worlds militaries in an effort to contain the epidemic. Creatures, thought only to exist in nightmares and fairy tales, continue to stalk the planet pulling down survivors that have failed to reach the “Safe Habitation” zones. As a member of ‘Eradication Team Tempest” you have been given a new mission. A new evil has appeared in the form of a master vampire. NorthCom wants you to terminate it with “extreme prejudice” before it breaks containment. They did not tell you how however. Previous teams have failed. Now it’s your turn!!