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Virginia Modified

Required Equipment:
  • Strong side holster (no crossdraw, shoulder holsters or small of the back allowed).
  • Rimfire or Centerfire Handgun (no magnums or high velocity rounds such as 5.7 or .357 Sig)
  • 120 rounds of ammunition
  • 3 Magazines or 2 Speedloaders
Optional Equipment:
  • Enough magazines to hold 60 rounds.
Course of Fire:

Originally designed to offer Courses of Fire (COF) patterned after the Police Pistol Combat/Competition, the COFs have been changed over the years to offer the novice shooter up to expert a challenging handgun experience. These are great events for Conceal Carry folks to practice with their carry gun.

Two COFs are currently offered: VA Mod Double Action and “Up Close & Personal”. Although officially designed for centerfire pistols, BRRC allows rimfire pistols with secure holsters to also be used for these events. Novices are welcome (and encouraged) to start from a “low ready” position if they are not comfortable drawing from their holster. All are welcome to participate while safety is always the most important consideration. VA Modified DA shoots at distances of 7, 15, and 25 yards while Up Close shots are 2, 5 and 7 yards.

VA Mod and Up Close are two separate 60 round COFs. Therefore, to conform to BRRC’s current range costs, one gun is $5 and two guns equal $8.
UP Close:
- Shooters will have the option of drawing from concealment.
- Shooter categories (e.g., Duty, Carry) will follow those used by the Concealed Carry COF. Rimfire pistols and five shot snubbies can be used.
- Adequate clock times will be allowed for CC plus time off-the-clock for re-holstering.
- Only IWB or OWB hip holsters worn at approx. 3 o’clock position.
- Scoring for UP Close will utilize the simplified center-of-mass 300-point scoring system illustrated on the B27 targets.

The 2010 BRRC range improvements now allow the VA Mod matches to be held on the Bullseye range utilizing the turning targets. This change will give the shooters more opportunity to test their skills while introducing them to the range enhancement.

Up Close and Personal