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Vintage Rifle

This match is designed to have some fun, so restrictions are limited.  Military and hunting rifles are welcome.
Open sights only.   Any rifle designed & manufactured prior to 1970 may be used.  This means you may use a modern rifle as long as it's original design was developed before 1970.
-M1A which preceded the M-14
-AR-15 which preceded  the M-16
-Remington 700
-Winchester 70
The point is of vintage design.  We expect to see M1 Garands, M-1 carbines, 03's, Mausers and so on.
We will shoot 10 shots at 50 and 10 shots 100 yards with no time limit.  You may use a bag, rest or bipod front and rear.  There will only be one class and you can win two ways, points or group size.
If you have any questions email Dave White at