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Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge courses of fire require hits on 5 steel targets including a "stop" plate which ends the course of fire. Most Steel Challenge courses of fire require little or no movement.

Rounds:  Each course of fire has 5 targets and will be repeated several times.  Any number of shots may be taken to complete the course of fire.   As an example, a match with 4 courses of fire and 3 runs each would require an absolute minimum of 60 rounds.

Scoring:  Your score is the time to complete the course of fire plus any penalties.  

Penalties:  3 seconds added for each miss which includes any plate not hit before the stop plate.   Stop plate must be hit last. 

Equipment: Centerfire pistols require a holster.   Rimfire pistols must be be holstered or bagged when not on the firing line.
                 Rimfire is .22 LR only.  No .17 or .22 Magnum caliber guns allowed.  No Magnum velocity Centerfire guns allowed.

Start Position:  Centerfire pistols must draw from a holster, and "Surrender position".  Rimfire pistols and rifles start from low ready.

Courses of fire:  Common courses of fire are available on the Steel Challenge website and on wikipedia

The matches hosted by BRRC and commonly referred to as "Steel Challenge" are "outlaw" matches not officially sanctioned by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association and not bound by their rules.