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Speed Steel

Required Equipment:

  • 9mm/.38 caliber handgun or larger  (no Magnums or high velocity cartridges (such as 5.7 or Sig 357))
  • Extra magazines or speed loaders
  • Minimum of 35 rounds (Bring more!)
Equipment Divisions:
  • Metallic Auto Limited-10 (Iron sights, 10 round maximum in magazines)
  • Metallic Auto Unlimited (Iron sights, any capacity magazine)
  • Metallic Revolver 6 shot (6 shot revolvers)
  • Metallic Revolver Unlimited (any capacity revolver)
  • Open Auto Limited-10 (optical or electronic sights, 10 round maximum in magazines)
  • Open Auto Unlimited (optical or electronic sights, any capacity magazine)
  • Open Revolver 6 shot (optical or electronic sights, 6 shot revolvers)
  • Open Revolver Unlimited (optical or electronic sights, any capacity revolver)


 30+ steel targets @ maximum 15 yards & minimum 10 yards.

 Course of Fire:

This is a timed event.  Time will begin at an audible signal from the timer.  Time will stop at the last shot fired.  Time will not stop during reloading. 

Draw from holster or start from low-ready (muzzle touching table) shooter's choice.  Reload from belt or table, shooter's choice


Each target left standing will add 5 seconds to the shooter’s time.  Total score will be the shooter’s time with penalty time added.  Winner is the lowest score.

Speed Steel Video