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Rimfire Plates

Required Equipment:

  • Rimfire Rifle or Pistol
  • 48 rounds of ammunition
  • Extra magazines
  • Holster (for handgun shooters)
Optional Equipment:
  • 8 magazines (Strongly recommended)
  • Prone shooting mat

Equipment Divisions:

  • Open Rifle (rifles with optics)
  • Metallic Rifle (rifles with iron sights)
  • Pump and Lever Action Rifles
  • Open Pistol (pistols with optics)
  • Metallic Pistol (pistol with iron sights)

8” Round White Metal Plates.

There will be 6 target plates placed one foot apart, edge-to-edge.  They will be 4 feet above ground level to the bottom edge.

Course of Fire:

The starting signal will be an audible type (whistle, horn, etc.) preceded by the verbal commands “READY” and “STAND BY”. 

Start position will be "low ready" with safety on and finger out of the trigger guard. Handgun start position will be holstered from the surrender position for classified NRA Action Pistol shooters.

At the signal to commence fire, the shooter will fire one round at each target.  Target must be knocked down to score.  Shooter then fires a second relay for a total of 12 rounds for each stage.

20-Yard Stage               8 seconds

30-Yard Stage:              10 seconds

40-Yard Stage:              12 seconds

50-Yard Stage:              15 seconds

(Metallic Pistols will shoot from 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards).