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Rimfire Benchrest

This is a great event to practice trigger control, breathing, and sheer accuracy with plenty of time to take shots. You can try it with just about any rimfire rifle which I’ll bet most of us have so come on out and see what yours will do.  Most shooters use scoped rifles, but iron sights are fine. The 10/22 Ruger is the most popular rimfire on the line, but heavy barreled, bolt action guns with high power scopes (24X - 36X) are often seen.

Shooting is done from the covered benches on the Bullseye range. Front rests are allowed with one “sandbag” rear rest.

Required Equipment:

  • Rimfire rifle - Iron or optical sight are permitted
  • 20 rounds of ammunition

Optional Equipment:

  • Front rest or sandbag (Strongly recommended)
  • Rear sandbag
  • Spotting Scope
  • Wind Flags
  • Extra ammunition (Strongly recommended)


  • AS23/5, 50 yd rimfire targets
Equipment Divisions:

There will be two classes or categories of shooters; iron sight and scoped rifles.

Course of Fire:
The shooter will have 20 minutes to fire 20 rounds placing 5 shots on each of four targets. The target also has a sighting in ring at the top allowing the shooter to take unlimited shots at his discretion to check zero.