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Falling Plate Event

Targets: 8” Round White Metal Plates.
Range: 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards.

Course of Fire:

There will be 6 target plates placed one foot apart, edge-to-edge.  They will be 4 feet above ground level to the bottom edge. 

The starting position will be with handgun holstered and both hands held shoulder high.  The starting signal will be an audible type (whistle, horn, etc.), preceded  by the verbal commands “READY” and “STAND BY”.     

At the signal to commence fire, the competitor will fire one round at each target.  Target must be knocked down to score.  Time limit will vary for each distance.  Shooter then repeats procedure for a total of 48 rounds.

                                           Time                                       Strings
   10-Yard Stage                    6 seconds                               2
   15-Yard Stage:                   7 seconds                               2
   20-Yard Stage:                   8 seconds                               2
   25-Yard Stage:                   9 seconds                               2



    A penalty of 10 points and 1-X will be charged for a premature start, for each procedural error, for each round fired over the designated number, and for each round fired overtime.


       Any competitor firing a “perfect 48” will repeat the course of fire with 1 second removed from the available time at each distance until a target is missed.  Only targets hit before the miss will count for the tie breaking “X-Count”.  Tie scores of less than 48 will be broken determined by the most plates hit at the longest distances.  If a tie remains, it will be broken by a "shoot-off "as above.

Falling Plates