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Cowboy Action

The Liberty Long Riders at BRRC offer a unique shooting experience unlike any other sport. “Cowboy Action Shooting” is a shooting venue that stresses safety first, fun and lighthearted competition. It is a family oriented sport for all ages. Competition is between those of your own age, gender or specific style of shooting.

    CAS takes us back to the late 1800s and the Old West. It takes us back to the Saturday matinees and Cowboy movies.  Participants dress in period clothing. A cowboy hat, blue jeans and boots are enough to get started.

    You use 2 single action revolvers, a lever or pump rifle in “pistol caliber” and a Winchester Model 97 pump, Double barrel, or Lever action shotgun. Most people shoot “modern day” smokeless powder but, there are categories where it is required to use “black powder”, in all guns. as was originally shot back in the late 1800s. Light loads are the norm and only soft lead bullets are allowed, for safety reasons.

Rather than just trying to shoot bullseyes at one target, in Cowboy Action Shooting you shoot at many steel targets that are square, round or of special designs, usually 14 inches or bigger in diameter. Some are moving. Pistol targets are shot at distances of 7 to 10 yards. Rifle targets are shot at distances of 13 to 50 yards. Shotgun, knock-down targets are shot at distances of 8 to 13 yards. Sometimes the shotgun targets throw a clay bird in the air to be shot. Targets are shot in ever-changing sequences, with movement from one shooting position to another as we transition from one type of firearm to another.

    The emphasis is on having fun. Cowboy Action Shooting is a sport for those who just want to exercise their Second Amendment rights and learn how to safely handle different types of firearms in different situations. BUT, you can become as serious a competitor as you wish. There are other clubs nearby that their members shoot with us and we compete at their clubs. You can compete every weekend if you wish, and practice in between. You can shoot as little or as much as you want to. There are State Level competitions. There are Regional competitions, National and World Championships.

Come watch us. Come join us. Bring a friend and double your fun.

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