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3-Gun Rules

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May 27, 2012

Our equipment divisions and rules are roughly based on IMA rules.
If you are not sure what division your equipment puts you in, don't worry about.  Come out and shoot with what you have.  We won't turn you way because your gear isn't perfect and many shooters are willing to loan you anything your need up to and including guns.    The best way to figure out what you need is to shoot a few matches and check out what others are using.
Our primary concern is safety.  BRRC is a cold range.  This means all guns must be unloaded until instructed to load and make ready by a Range Officer.
A summary of the divisions are as follows:
  • Race guns and holsters
  • Optics on any gun
  • Bipods
  • 170mm handgun magazines
  • Mag fed shotguns or speedloaders for shotguns,
Tactical Optics:
  • Optics on rifle only
  • 140m max handgun magazine
  • No mag fed shotguns, no shotgun speedloaders
Tactical Limited:
  • Same as Tactical Optics except no optics on any gun
Heavy Metal:
  • Optics on rifle only
  • Maximum rifle magazine capacity is 20 rounds
  • Minimum rifle caliber is .30", minimum power factor is 320 
  • Minimum handgun caliber is .44", Minimum handgun power factor is 165
  • Shotgun is the same as Tactical division, minimum bore is 12 guage.
 For more details and the complete set of rules, download the Bedford_3-Gun_General_Rules.pdf
Questions? Contact Jimmy @ 540-765-8240 or
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Aug 14, 2013, 4:15 PM