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Rimfire Steel

 These matches are held using the NSSF Rimfire Challenge format.  Firearm categories are: Open Rifle, Limited Rifle, Open Pistol and Limited Pistol.  Usually there will be between 3 & 5 courses of fire, each utilizing between 5 & 7 targets.  Shots are limited to 10 per string.  Magazines may be loaded with more than 10 if so equipped, but no more than 11 rounds may be fired in any string.  A miss will earn a 2-second penalty. Competitors may fire in any or all categories.  Ammunition is available for sale on site in quantities for match-use only.  Price is ~$10.00/100 rounds.

Complete rules can be found here:

All firearms must be cased or bagged when coming to and leaving the firing line.  Competitors will fire each CoF 5 times with the slowest time thrown out and the other 4 added for total score.  Start position is muzzle pointed at a marker down-range with the finger outside of the trigger guard.  Commands are "Ready", Standby" followed by a beep from the electronic timer