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  • August 2014 3gun Registration
    Registration for the August 3gun is up click here to register. We will be back shooting at our regular time of 11:30a. COF and round count will be posted later in the week.
    COF Are Up.
    Posted Aug 15, 2014, 12:23 PM by Jeremy Minor
  • July 3gun Courses of Fire and New Start Time
    For the July match we will be shooting at a new morning time. Shooters meeting begins at 8:30a and we will start firing soon after. The courses of fire are attached. Although the 2 courses on A and C range are listed as 3gun classifiers these are not sanctioned matches and will be modified a bit for range needs. Also note that on Range A and C each shooter will shoot the COF twice, so bring ammo accordingly. Registration is still up Click here to register.
    Posted Jul 17, 2014, 1:00 PM by Jeremy Minor
  • June 3Gun Courses of Fire
    Here are the 4 COF for the June 21st 3 Gun match. There are still spots left if you want to register and come out and shoot. We will be shooting 1 3gun nation national classifying stage.
    Posted Jun 18, 2014, 8:36 PM by Jeremy Minor
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Weekly Match Scores

  • Rimfire Benchrest & Squirrel Gun, Sept. 14, 2014
    Round   1
    Steve Kalinski          200-20x
    Bob Croft                 200-18x
    Gary Crawford          200-16x
    Bill Dooley               200-14x
    Gary Brantley          200-13x
    Joe Lineberger         200-13x
    Keeley Amparan      198-11x
    Brian Vossen           177
    Kiki Amparan           156-4x

    Round      2
    Bill Dooley               200-20x
    Gary Crawford          200-20x
    Bob Croft                 200-18x
    Joe Lineberger         200-17x
    Kiki Amparan           199-11x
    Keeley Amparan      198-12x
    Steve Kalinski          196-4x
    Brian Vossen           193
    Gary Brantley             DNS

    Squirrel Rifle
                          Round 1                                     Round  2
    Mark Moon               199-12x                          196-7x
    Clark Spencer          196-11x                           195-9x

                 Round 1                                             Round 2
    Lauren Vossen     190                                     187  

    Posted Sep 14, 2014, 8:06 PM by Alan Strawn
  • August 2014 3gun Match
    Attached are the scores from our August match. Fastest stage times are in bold. Thanks for a great match. Due to the regional and state championship action pistol match at the club on the third saturday of September we will shoot on the 4th Saturday in September. Hope to see you all then.

    Match Points

    Tactical Optics
    Robbie Watson- 10pts
    Jeremy Minor- 9pts
    Shawn Adams- 8pts
    Joe Easter- 7pts
    Jon Irvan- 6pts
    Ed Haynes- 5pts
    Steve Williams- 4pts
    David Van Wyhe- 3pts
    Kiki Amparan- 2pts
    Daniel Van Wyhe- 1pt

    Tactical Limited
    Joel Bassette- 2 pts
    Kyle Desmarais- 1pt

    Season Points

    Tactical Optics
    Jeremy Minor- 48 pts
    Jon Irvan- 38 pts
    Robbie Watson- 33 pts
    Steve Williams- 31 pts
    Shawn Adams- 25 pts 
    William Johnston- 20 pts
    David Van Wyhe- 20 pts
    Brian Carlson- 17 pts
    Mike Parsons- 13 pts
    Dylan Welsh- 11 pts
    Steve Kiefer- 11 pts
    Roy Frame- 9 pts
    Matt Stafford- 8 pts
    Joe Easter- 7 pts
    Justin Spicer- 7 pts
    Jon Rodgers- 6 pts
    Shawn Burkholder- 5 pts
    Ed Haynes- 5 pts
    Kiki Amparan- 5 pts
    Brendan Skaggs- 4 Pts
    Christian Kiefer- 4 pts 
    Justin Smith- 3 pts
    Mike Kunkle- 3 pts
    Kyle Desmarais- 3 pt
    Colin Trepanitis- 2 pts
    Terry Parsons- 1 pt 
    Daniel Van Wyhe- 1 pt

    Tactical Limited
    Kyle Desmarais- 4 pts
    Blake Harcup- 3 pts 
    Joel Bassett- 2pts
    Jon Heusinger- 1 pt
    Jesse Burnette- 1 pt
    Daniel Burnette- 1 pt

    Brian Vossen- 1 pt

    Heavy Metal
    Daniel Burnette- 1pt
    Posted Aug 17, 2014, 11:06 AM by Jeremy Minor
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Cowboy Action Scores

  • September 7, 2014
    See attached file below
    Posted Sep 7, 2014, 4:37 PM by Alan Strawn
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NRA Action Pistol Scores

  • August 2, 2014
       Thanks to those who shot with us today.  We had a couple of new shooters, so Welcome!  Again, some forgot (or chose not) to turn in score cards, but with threatening weather in the forecast, it was a great turnout.  Hope to see you all in September for the Regional & State matches on the 20th & 21st.

    Name 8-2-14 Practical Barricade Mover Plates Total


    1. Steve Huff 478-41x 480-47x 478-33x 480-48x 1916-169x

    2. Kevin Angstadt 478-44x 480-47x 476-36x 480-48x 1914-175x

    3. Travis Hayton 480-40x 480-45x 474-35x 480-48x 1914-168x

    4. Terry Sarver 449-22x  480-40x  468-26x  450-45x  1847-133x


    1. Russell Miller 427-16x 450-18x 452-15x 470-47x 1799-96x

    2. Kevin Hopkins 424-16x 447-22x 433-6x 460-46x 1764-90x

    3. Dan Basham 387-12x 389-10x 393-10x 370-37x 1539-69x

    4. James Brogan 359-6x 394-10x 390-14x 340-34x 1483-64x

    5. Walt Romaniw 349-7x 294-3x 381-9x 380-38x 1404-57x

    6. Tom Johansen No score 452-19x 428-8x 440-44x 1320-71x

    7. Jon Heusinger 392-11x 278-6x 300-11x 310-31x 1280-59x


    1. Kevin Hopkins 454-13x 440-15x 431-21x 450-45x 1775-94x

    2. Russell Miller 444-19x 402-12x 407-9x 440-44x 1693-84x

    3. Tom Johansen 418-11x 408-9x 457-26x 390-39x 1673-85x

    4. James Brogan 389-11x 386-11x 365-10x 240-24x 1380-56x

    5. Sophia Kapranos 279-5x 200-3x 291-2x 210-21x 980-31x

    6. Dick Thomas 233-2x 198-2x 323-5x 160-16x 914-25x

    Metallic Rimfire:

    1. Steve Kalinski 422-14x 442-17x 434-19x 440-44x 1738-94x

    2. David van Wyhe 385-13x 407-12x 436-15x 300-30x 1528-70x

    Production Rimfire:

    1. Kevin Hopkins 460-15x 468-22x 467-17x 440-44x 1835-98x

    2. James Brogan 386-9x 434-15x 402-18x 280-28x 1502-70x

    Posted Aug 2, 2014, 6:25 PM by Alan Strawn
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Bullseye Scores

  • September 11, 2014
    Optic Rimfire

    Don Blevins                  699-2X

    Iron Sights Rimfire

    Steve Kalinski               736-5X
    Fred Sloan                    671-4X
    Posted Sep 12, 2014, 6:01 PM by Alan Strawn
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