• Match cancellation!
    The NSSF Rimfire Challenge Match scheduled for April 25th is CANCELED due to rain in the forecast.
    Posted by Alan Strawn
  • 3gun Season Begins
    Join us this Saturday (March 21st) for the beginning of the 3gun season. Shooter meeting begins at 11:30a sharp. You will need holster, magazines (3-4 Pistol, 2-3 AR), and 100 rounds pistol, 60 rifle, 2 boxes of birdshot. Cost is $15 for non members, $10 for members.

    Posted Mar 19, 2015, 10:21 AM by Jeremy Minor
  • New matches coming in 2015!

    Beginning in March 2015, on the last Saturday of each month, BRRC will be holding NSSF Rimfire Challenge matches @ 2:00 P.M. There are 4 shoots scheduled at this time, running through the end of June. If participation and interest is high enough to justify holding more they will be a regularly held event through the end of October.

    These matches will involve firing .22LR handguns and rifles at steel targets ranging from 7 to 35 yards. The smallest target will be 8” round plates and the largest will be 18” x 24” rectangles. The longest distance for handguns will be 20 yards and the longest for rifles will be 35 yards. Shooters will fire at between 3 and 5 steel targets on each stage with a limit of 11 rounds for each string. This will be repeated for a total of 5 strings and the slowest time will be thrown out. The remaining time total will be your score. We anticipate setting up between 4 and 6 stages at each event.

    Ammunition will be available for purchase at each event at reasonable prices. Only enough to shoot the match will be sold to each shooter. Match fees will be $5.00 per shooter. Guns will be divided into categories as follows:

    Open - Any firearm (pistol or revolver in handgun class) with scopes, optical sights, light gathering scopes, battery powered optics, lasers, compensator or muzzle brake.

    Limited - Guns with iron sights. Adjustable sights, fiber optics are allowed but no electronic sights. No compensators, muzzle brakes or barrel weights.

    Complete rules can be found here:

    These are designed to be “family friendly events”, meaning that Junior shooters and Lady shooters are most welcome! Target set ups are designed by the “90-90-90” rule, meaning that 90% of the shooters should be able to hit 90% of the targets 90% of the time.

    Pre-registration will not be required unless and until we reach range capacity. If that occurs, we will set up a pre-registration section here on our web site.

    Posted Feb 18, 2015, 5:47 AM by Alan Strawn
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Weekly Match Scores

  • Rimfire Benchrest & Squirrel Rifle - April 12, 2015
    ROUND   1
    Gary Crawford          200-18x
    Bob Croft                 200-15x
    Lane Harbertson       200-12x
    Joe Lineberger         199-16x
    Troy Woods            199-15x

    Round  2
    Troy Woods                200-18x
    Gary Crawford             200-18x
    Bob Croft                    200-17x
    Joe Lineberger            200-13x
    Lane Harbertson         200-12x

    Squirrel Rifle
    Mark Moon                  198-15x
    Clark Spencer              198-7x

    Round  2
    Clark Spencer             200-13x
    Mark Moon                 200-10-x
    Posted Apr 15, 2015, 6:32 AM by Alan Strawn
  • Vintage Rifle Benchrest - April 5, 2015
    50 yards
    Joe Lineberger             99    4X
    Bob Croft                      96    2x
    Jim Linkenhoker          95    3X
    Bobby Daniels             95    1x
    David White                93
    Best 50 yard group, Bob Croft 1"x 2 1/16"

    100 yards
    Joe Lineberger             86    1X
    David White                 79
    Bobby Daniels             72
    Jim Linkenhoker          71
    Bob Croft                     63
    Best 100 yard group, Bob Croft 4 3/8" x 5 3/8"
    Posted Apr 8, 2015, 9:32 AM by Alan Strawn
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Cowboy Action Scores

  • February 1, 2015
    See file below.
    Posted Feb 1, 2015, 1:58 PM by Alan Strawn
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NRA Action Pistol Scores

  • April 4, 2015

              Name 4-4-15     Practical    Barricade     Mover      Plates           Total


    1. Kevin Angstadt    480-44x   480-44x    478-32x    480-48x      1918-168x

    2. Steve Huff           480-38x   480-45x     472-37x    480-48x      1912-168x

          3. Terry Sarver        473-26x   478-38x     469-19x    470-47x      1890-130x

          4. Al Fleshman        478-29x   478-36x     451-26x    480-48x      1887-139x


    1. Greg Davis         456-26x    464-22x    455-17x   460-46x       1835-111x

    2. Kevin Hopkins    448-12x   451-22x    429-10x   460-46x       1788-90x

    3. Wes Fleming       392-16x   408-10x    417-13x   410-41x       1627-80x

    4. James Brogan     417-8x     377-9x      336-5x     410-41x       1540-63x

    5. Kimberly Hobart 371-6x    283-3x      288-5x     300-30x       1242-44x


    1. Wes Fleming        403-11x  410-8x     395-12x   340-34x       1548-65x

    2. James Brogan      366-9x    369-6x     382-11x   360-36x       1477-62x

    3. Kaleb Shannon    304-6x    327-3x     395-10x   300-30x       1326-49x

    4. Kimberly Hobart 355-6x    348-9x     293-2x     280-28x       1276-45x

    Open Rimfire:

          1. Jon Heusinger    418-13x  441-20x    427-15x   380-38x       1666-86x

    Metallic Rimfire:

          1. Steve Kalinski 429-15x  434-16x     439-14x    400-40x        1702-85x

    Posted Apr 4, 2015, 4:47 PM by Alan Strawn
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Bullseye Scores

  • September 11, 2014
    Optic Rimfire

    Don Blevins                  699-2X

    Iron Sights Rimfire

    Steve Kalinski               736-5X
    Fred Sloan                    671-4X
    Posted Sep 12, 2014, 6:01 PM by Alan Strawn
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